Pitching sustainability and green design to clients

Being green is becoming more than the “in” thing to do these days. It’s the responsible thing to do. As the world’s population continues to grow at an exponential rate, it’s becoming more and more important to conserve our resources. Designers can help by offering “green” marketing options to clients.

Of course, different clients have varying motivations, and clients who are only interested in their bottom line may respond positively to sustainable design because it’s less harmful to the environment. A client who is only interested in their bottom line may respond to the idea that sustainable design is a good option because the design is less harmful to the environment. That’s something everyone can feel great about.

However, a client who is already supportive in caring about the environment won’t need the marketability pitch. They may want to know that the design materials used are from renewable resources; these are a more sustainable option becaues the Earth can replenish and sustain that resource.

Pitching a green alternative doesn’t have to be pitched as an “alternative.” It is simply another option. One that your client may be happier with than the standard if it truly fits with their product, consumer base and marketing.

For example, a client who already is concerned with the environmental impact of the product it manufactures may choose to go with a recyclable product. An offer a designer can say is: “A design made with easily removable, recyclable parts encourages recycling. Recycling instead of using raw resources to create new materials is a more sustainable choice. This type of strategy helps the planet to sustain the amount of natural resources we all rely on.

Of course, pitching sustainability to some clients is not an easy task. But it is effective if we take small steps. No one can be entirely sustainable right now. So the focus should not be on the now. Think long term, and try to get the ball rolling with clients. Passion is key and a designers who pitch sustainable and environmental concepts in their offerings are  not doing it for the money. By making a case for environmental impact and how we can all do our part, it’s easy to see why it’s the right thing to do.