Using Instagram Effectively for Your Small Business

With over 300 million users, Instagram is a visual way for users, businesses and brands to connect. Need help getting started? Here are some tips.

Instagram is the most used social media outlet for millenials and teenagers. This presents a huge opportunity for small businesses on Instagram to create a visual connection to their brand. In addition to millenials, there are small businesses, artists and other organizations all utilizing Instagram and having success with the social network.

Harnessing Instagram for Business

Visuals are the main currency of Instagram. Small businesses should share and upload interesting content their followers won’t be able to find anywhere else. Think about the kind of visuals you like and replicate those ideas with the photos you share on your account. Worried you’ll come up sort? Here are ideas:

• Your office – Everyone loves seeing photos of how others work. Whether you have a brick ‘n mortar store or you’re in manufacturing, these behind-the-scenes photos give a glimpse of what others otherwise wouldn’t see.

• Events – Hosting an event or are you part of an event in your community? By all means, post photos! Even if your employees are attending events with community service, get visuals from these happenings.

• Celebrations – Many companies and organizations celebrate life’s occasions, from weddings to babies. Followers love happy photos and celebrating with you. It makes a human connection. Encourage members of your team to get involved submitting images and your Instagram should grow in popularity!