Twitter Dos and Don’ts

While you think social media may give you an instant boost to your business, without a plan of action or strategy, you’ll be shooting in the dark. If you market yourself correctly on social media, and Twitter, you can turn curious ‘googlers’ into loyal clients and customers, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Her are several tips to help make Twitter work for you.

1. Be easy to find! Choose a Twitter handle or name that’s close to your business name, and write up a clear profile that explains exactly what you do and where your clients and customers can find you. Utilize keywords that your customers might search for: your neighborhood, business focus and do link to your full website.

2. Do not shout. Don’t use all caps, people. It’s shouting, and it’s considered impolite. Consider your grammar, spelling, voice and tone as well. Even if you are trying to be casual, sounding professional on Twitter is paramount to your image.

3. Don’t repeat yourself again and again. Don’t tweet out a link to your Facebook page every day; people can find it on their own if you’ve posted links that are visible. Also, don’t tweet the same thing to a ton of people. It’s boring and very annoying.

4. Be timely. Let people know about specials you having coming up (whether it’s a special on a service, a limited-time only discount, or an upcoming event). Also, give a glimpse of what’s to come to garner excitement about what you’re offering. Invite your followers to get to know you!

5. Engage, engage, engage. Be a friendly word of advice, not anonymous. Share interesting article, news and catch up with others in your field! Network and respond. Twitter isn’t just about self-promotion, it’s about starting a conversation and building a relationship. Give your followers a clear picture of what you do, and share your voice in the conversation. Retweet interesting links by others, and aim for about half of your tweets to be non-promotional in nature.

6. Don’t auto-tweet or auto-DM. Think again before you put your account on automatic pilot. Don’t send auto direct messages to new followers. That pushes you farther away from them, and again, it’s just plain annoying.